Invited Talks



DAE-BRNS Seminar on

Applications of computer & Embedded technology

Variable Energy cyclotron Centre, Kolkata

October 28-29,2009

Cloud Computing and National Knowledge Network - Shri P. S.Dhekne, BARC


Parallel Processing The Future? - Shri B. Jagadeesh, BARC

Healthgrid at VECC, Kolkata - Shri C.D.Datta, VECC

Network Access Control: Case Study - Shri Gaurav Saxena, VECC

Distributed System Protocol Verification: A Tableau Based Model Checking Approach -  Shri T. Samanta, VECC               

Signal processing and Imaging for Biomedical applications - Dr. Sarbajit Pal, VECC

Elements of Autonomous Navigation - Dr. Prabir K. Pal, VECC

Interface between Bangla Text and Sign Language - Shri Kaushik Datta, VECC

Localization of Mobile Robots in Indoor Environments - Shri Biswajit Sarkar, VECC

Software Quality Assurance for Embedded Systems - Shri R. Bhargava, NPCIL

Designing High Reliability Computer Based Systems - Shri C.K. Pithawa, BARC

The Design Principles of a Data Acquisition Software for the Nuclear Physics Experiments - Shri Partha Dhara, VECC

EPICS Implementation in VEC & SCC - Shri Tanushyam Bhattacharjee, VECC

Modernization of C & I for Nuclear Power Plants - Shri A. K. Chandra, NPCIL

Embedded Read-Out System with Multi-Channel Front End Electronics for High Energy Physics Experiments - Shri Madhusudan Dey, VECC

DAQ system using FPGA based digital pulse processing - Shri Devendra Bhale, VECC

Sensors and Sensing Systems for Machine Olfaction Electronic Nose and Electronic Tongue - Shri N. Bhattacharyya, CDAC.

Embedded Systems for Diagnostics & Control Used in VEC and SCC - Shri Niraj Chaddha, VECC