Contributory Papers



DAE-BRNS Seminar on

Applications of computer & Embedded technology

Variable Energy cyclotron Centre, Kolkata

October 28-29,2009

Distributed Embedded Control System for Robotic Applications - Shri D. D. Ray, BARC

Design of a Generalized and Modular Architecture for Embedded Controller for Power Supplies - Shri Anirban De, VECC

Fibre Optic Control for Electron Gun Power Supplies of 3MeV DC Accelerator - Shri R. B. Chavan, BARC

Hardware Standardization for Embedded Systems - Shri M. K. Sharma BARC

PLC Configuration and Programming Experience Using ST Language - Shri G. Karmakar, BARC

The Role of Special Supervision Systems for Fast Breeder Reactors - Shri M. Kasinathan, IGCAR

Interface between Bangla Text and Sign Language - Shri Kaushik Datta, VECC

Distributed Control System for Nuclear Recycling Plant Based on In-house Developed Trombay Programmable Logic Controller - Shri Sandeep V. Kulkarni, BARC

Real Time Computers for Startup Systems of PFBR - Shri M.Manimaran, IGCAR

Challenges to Networked Computer Systems for Time-Critical Applications - Shri Manoj Kumar, BARC

Design of Hardwired Fine Impulse Test System for Safety Logic System of Fast Breeder Test Reactor - Shri M. K. Misra, IGCAR

Development of Universal Control Module for ECR Injection Line Elements of Superconducting Cyclotron, Shrimati Mou Chatterjee - VECC

Smart Radiation Monitors - Shri P. Kumar, NPCIL

Real Time Computer Based Control Systems for Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor - Shri M.A.Sanjith, IGCAR

Configurable Field Controller - Shri S. K. Sen, BARC

Implementation of Wavelet Based Magnetic Flux Leakage Data Compression Scheme on DSP Hardware for Instrumented Pipeline Inspection Gauge - Shri S. K. Bahuguna, BARC

Network Access Control - Shri Somesh, VECC

Computer Based Instrumentation and Control Systems for Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor - Shri N.Sridhar, IGCAR

Development of Microcontroller Based Slit Drive - Shri Suman Kumar Guha, VECC

Rejuvenated Magnet Power Supply Control for K-130 Cyclotron - Shri Tanushyam Bhattacharjee, VECC

A Microcontroller Based Ultrasonic Range Finding Module for Target Detection from a Mobile Robot - Shri T. K. Bhaumik, VECC

Development of Microcontroller Based Switching and Control System for Beam Current Measurement of Radioactive Ion Beam Facility at VECC - Shri. T. K. Mandi, VECC

Computing Grid at VECC, Kolkata - Shri Tapas Samanta, VECC

Distributed Control System for an Industrial Electron Beam Accelerator - Shri Vijay Sharma, BARC

Distributed Operator Information System for Augmented Boron Enrichment Plant - Shri M. Vincent, IGCAR

Fault Tolerant Architecture for Real Time Embedded Computer Based System - Shri Vinod Nagare, NPCIL

Status Report on Upgradation of Network and Internet Related Services in VECC - Shri Gaurav Saxena, VECC

Model View Controller Architecture on Embedded Systems - Shri Abhishek Bajpai, BARC

A Hand Held Photo Identity Verification System for Mobile Applications - Shri Ranajit Kumar, BARC

Kolkata Tier2 @ ALICE Grid at VECC, Kolkata - Shri V. Singhal, VECC

Analysis of MPI Variants on Cluster with InfiniBand Interconnect - Shri Pranabesh Kanti Thander, RRCAT

Open Source Framework for Proactive Administration of Network - Shri S. S. Tomar, RRCAT

Improving Average Job Turnaround Time Using Process Migration - Shri Vineet Sharma, BARC

Multifunction Card for Data Acquisition and Embedded Applications - Shri Reju K, BARC

Application of YAIM Tool in Grid Computing - Shri M.L.Jayalal, IGCAR

High Performance Computing Utilization Portal for Grid and Cluster - Shri Lalit Dagre, IGCAR

Development of DSP Based Servo-Controller For Hydraulic Servo-Actuators - Shri Shiju Varghese, BARC