DAE-BRNS Seminar on

Applications of computer & Embedded technology

Variable Energy cyclotron Centre, Kolkata

October 28-29,2009

The Computer & Informatics Group of  Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre is engaged in different R&D activities with a view to developing state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure in the broad areas of technical computing and embedded systems. It is imperative to benefit from the expertise and experience of the peers in order to make rapid strides towards fulfilling the objectives and achieving excellence. This seminar is organized to provide a platform for exchange of ideas and experiences among experts in different R&D organizations and academic institutes.

Topics include:

1. High Performance Computing and Networking

             Grid Computing, Parallel Computing, Networking & Security

2. Embedded Systems

             Data Acquisition System, Beam Diagnostics & Control System, Smart Sensor

3. Software Techniques

             Concurrent System, Real-time System, Human Machine Interface, Database

4. Applications of Computing

             Medical Image Processing, Sign Language Interface, Autonomous Mobile Robot              Navigation.