The superconducting cyclotron under construction at this Centre has Kbend=520 and Kfoc=160. Fully stripped ions can be accelerated up to about 80 MeV/nucleon energy. This cyclotron will provide fully stripped light ion beams with maximum energy up to ~80 MeV/nucleon and very heavy-ion beams up to ~10 MeV/nucleon.  Expected Maximum energy per nucleon chart is given below.

Superconducting magnet

The need for the superconducting cyclotron arose to satisfy the requirement of higher energy by the experimental nuclear physicist community.  The VEC has been delivering light heavy ion beams up to ~15 MeV/nucleon. The superconducting cyclotron will deliver beams as shown in the operating diagram .  This shows the energy per nucleon lines in the cyclotron central field (Bo) and specific charge (charge state divided by mass number, q/A) plane


The operating range of the cyclotron is limited by the maximum magnetic field limit (Bextraction=4.8 Tesla), which is called the bending limit, characterized by the parameter Kbend=520 and the focussing limit Kfoc=160.  There is a limitation on the minimum magnetic field (3.1 Tesla) and specific charge (q/A=0.5), imposed by coupling resonance.

Operating diagram