A work shop supported by BRNS is being organised at VECC to provide a platform for acquaintance and discussions on the advanced fields of science and technology for ion beam production and applications amongst the faculty members from universities and the teaching institutes. The program will include lectures and discussions on existing and forthcoming accelerator facilities at VECC, experimental nuclear physics and facilities, materials-modification & characterization using ion beams, radioisotope-production & applications, production & application of radio-active ion beams. One of the purpose of the workshop is to help catalyze interaction between universities, VECC and UGC-DAE-CSR-KC leading to research and developments in the large scale research programmes of VECC.

Superconducting Cyclotron


Participation in IBVEC-2007 is by invitation only

Faculty members and research scholars from universities/institutions who are interested to participate may submit a brief write up about their research interests relevant to VEC facilities to ibvec@veccal.ernet.in  or convenors.

224 cm Room temperature Cyclotron

Radio-Active Ion Beam Facility

6.4 GHz ECR Ion Source

Medical Cyclotron