Text Box: March 25-27, 2008
Organized by
Indian Vacuum Society
(Zonal Chapter Calcutta)
In collaboration with
Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre, Kolkata

Vacuum Techniques and CryogenicsWorkshopOnHome

Vacuum, as a working environment has become indispensable for many research laboratories as well as industrial production units. Now a days, it finds wide applications in diverse fields as microelectronics and instrumentation, material processing, space exploration, pharmaceuticals and other cryogenics. Further, large scale cryogenic and vacuum applications like superconducting magnets and machines, superconducting cyclotron, cryogenic process plant, cryogenic rocket engines, RIB facilities have resulted in rapid development in many sophisticated vacuum equipments, pushing the range of vacuum to 10-12 mbar. To keep pace with this advancement in vacuum technology and cryogenics, it is absolutely necessary for scientists, engineers and technicians of our country to get a fair deal of exposure to this branch of science and technology. The scope of this workshop is to impart this knowledge and propagate the principles and practices of vacuum science and technology to academic as well as industrial users across the country.   Faculty includes experts / specialists from various R&D institutes, namely VECC, J.U., and IIT etc

Workshop on Vacuum Techniques and Cryogenics